About the Changemakers Platform (beta)

The Changemakers Platform is a meeting point for people that want to make change – in their schools, their communities, their cities, their countries, to create a better world for everyone. We call these people changemakers.

Changemakers come to our platform to find other changemakers, and resources that will help them achieve their goals.

Changemakers from all around the world already have:

If this is you – and you want to be part of the solution – this is your place. Here, you can:

Important! Changemakers is currently on its beta phase – in other words, everything around here is still a test, and very much a prototype of what we’re trying to do. We need your help to make this vision become true – and would be extremely grateful if you could leave your comments and suggestions using the form below.

Also, if you want to get even more involved, you’re invited to join our bi-weekly “Changemakers Platform Team of Team Calls”, every other Tuesday at 8am ET. To participate, or for any other questions or reflections, please write an email to Dani Matielo at dmatielo@changemakers.com.

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